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The Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust

A solution to the Secure Act and Beneficiary Inheritance Planning

Are you planning to leave your IRA to your children and other heirs using a stretch IRA plan?

Did you know the Secure Act has dramatically changed the tax law rules, substantially increasing the income taxes paid by your children on inherited IRAs?

If so, consider the benefits of using a testamentary charitable remainder unitrust to replace your obsolete stretch IRA plan.

  • Spreads out the income payments over the lifetime of your heirs
  • Provides income tax saving to the heirs
  • Allows tax-free growth inside the trust
  • Protect heirs
  • Results in no taxes being paid on the IRA when it is distributed to the trust
  • Leaves significant charitable gifts to support our cause

For more information about a testamentary charitable remainder unitrust, please contact us.